Localization aids e-commerce and reservation websites, helping streamline customer orders.  Form input validation verification and form submission, including the web services (SOA-based and REST API-based) that handle all optional and required variables they pass, is traditionally handled through automation testing.

Careful planning and design work is crucial when creating a smart test automation plan. Automation helps cut testing time, especially given the frequency with which an entire test suite may need to be rerun due to website updates such as inventory changes, new features and seasonal price specials.

Managed crowd testing allows a low noise introduction to crowd testing, enabling you to focus on your specific needs, what to test, any specific demographic or target group, and testing devices for your website. A dedicated delivery manager will manage and deliver requirements, gather needs, and manage any sample scenarios, preconditions, instructions, known bugs or detailed test plans that require handling, as well as governance and legal structures (such as NDA’s). They will also filter, rate and categorize crowd-reported bugs and summarize the testing cycle for the client.   Crowd testing enables you to cover more devices faster and leverage localization, Ux and compatibility testing, and solicit real Ux  feedback delivered on a continuous basis, enabling Ux trend over time of your website.  It best complements, not replaces, your test team.

Ensure that your customers have easy access and response before they look for a shorter wait at a rival.

census.gov reports that almost 1 in 5 people have some sort of disability. We can advise you on being more inclusive of this population segment and sensitive to their needs. Accessibility is a vital testing component.

The first question is always “Does it do what it is supposed to do?” This comes straight from the what-is-expected part of the requirements.  The release checklist details all of this, from validating the details of required features to verifying proper error-handling.

Analyzing text elements

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