The Times of London reports:
A gang of cyberexperts turned a former German military bunker into one of Europe’s biggest hubs for the “dark web” and a superhighway for at least a quarter of a million offences, including drug trafficking and the falsification of identity papers, a court has been told.

Four people from the Netherlands, three Germans and a Bulgarian are accused of creating a digital safe haven in which criminals could operate with impunity.

Dutch News reports:
Deals which were processed through the servers include drugs — with platforms such as Cannabis Road — which had millions of active users, the Telegraaf said on Tuesday. Other sites allowed people to order fake money and ID papers, and the bunker was also used to stage a bot attack on German telecom firm Deutsche Telekom, the paper said.

The investigation into the bunker took years of observation and phone tapping, culiminating in a raid involving 650 police officers in September 2019. .

Long-time Slashdot reader Qbertino writes:
Prosecuters believe to have a case which is set to take 15 months until the end of 2021 simply due to the sheer mass of material they’ve gatherd to make a case. The defendants, which include adolescents at the time of crime, face up to 15 years in prison should they be convicted.

As recently as this June, the cyberbunker was still being contacted by several phishing sites, as well as thousands of bots looking for their old command and control server.

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