Learn how to build a complete serverless web application for a popular theme park called Innovator Island. The theme park is rolling out a mobile app that provides thousands of visitors with wait times, photo opportunities, notification alerts, and language translation for visitors who need it. In this session – the first of a five-part series – we’ll cover the application scenario, the architecture, and include a brief introduction to each of the major AWS services used, like AWS Amplify Console, and the AWS Serverless Application Model. Practically, we’ll cover how to set up your environment, deploy the backend, and learn how to deploy the front-end code automatically so you’re ready to set up real time messaging with customers in the next session.

Learning Objectives:
– Learning about important AWS services in serverless technology
– Deploying front-end with Amplify Console
– Deploying backend with the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM)

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