We can protect as well as configure apache internet server safety and security hardening on ubuntu 20.04. Let’s see, how to secure the apache2 web server on ubuntu. you need to secure your Apache web server to secure the web server.

There’re whole lots of vulnerabilities readily available on the apache server. we need to resolve them as well as safeguard the web server as high as we can. We’ve attempted to cover virtually understood susceptabilities to protect.

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How To Secure and Solidifying Apache Internet Web Server On Ubuntu 20.04

First of all, you must knowledgeable about how to examine the website on the browser. I will certainly show you how to do that.

1.Hide Apache Variation and also Os:

Open your internet site on the internet browser as well as then press “ctrl+change+i“. This will open the “Check window“.

As you can see the server Apache 2.4 as well as OS is ubuntu at the right side tab. To hide this info, we require to include these two specifications in the / etc/apache2/conf-enabled/ security.conf file.

When you added these two criteria in the documents then save the data and also reload the apache service.

2. Disable the Directory Site Listing:

Currently, we need to disable the directory listing in our wp-includes folder. Be default, the directory listing in the webroot is enabled. We need to disable it.

By default, Apache is configured to comply with symlinks which are not recommendable. We require to disable it by changing the below code.

Then reload the apache service and inspect the LINK again. you will certainly get restricted approval refuted. The below URL depends upon your WordPress webroot path.

3. Safeguard Apache making use of mod_security and also mod_evasive components:

Mod_Security: it functions as the firewall software for your internet application or web site. you can set up the mod safety on ubuntu 20.04. you need to mount mod security making use of the below command and reload the apache service.

Mod_evasive: This assists us to safeguard against DDOS and also HTTP brute force strikes. It identifies the affixes whenever So lots of demands beginning the web server per 2nd then it blocks the IP address for short-lived if the new request still coming.

4. Disable Trace HTTP Request:

By default, HTTP Trace is enabled that enables Cross-site tracing. The hacker can easily swipe the cookie’s details using this method. when we disable HTTP trace request makes the mod_proxy and also core web server returns the” 405- a method not permitted” mistake to the customer.

Disable it using the below criterion in the / etc/apache2/conf-enabled/ security.conf data as well as reload the apache solution.

5. Concealing Etag: This tag keeps crucial info as well as needs to disable. you can add the below parameter in this vim/ etc/apache2/conf-enabled/ security.conf documents and refill the service.

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6. Safeguard Apache from XSS assaults: Ensure you have allowed XSS header in your ubuntu apache web server making use of the below header in the strength/ etc/apache2/conf-enabled/ security.conf file as well as refill the apache solution.

Prior to using this header, you need to allow the mod_headerin the apache web server using the below command then add the header in the security.conf file.

Inspect if it’s allowed, you require to inspect it on the web browser in the Network -> > header area as well as look for “X-XSS Protection” as displayed in the below figure.

7. Safeguard “HTTPOnly flag” To Secure Cookies:

You can conveniently protect your apache server from Cross-Site Scripting assaults by utilizing the “HTTPOnly” as well as “Protected flags” for cookies. You require to add the listed below line in vim/ etc/apache2/conf-enabled/ security.conf file and also refill the apache service.

Make use of the below line for apache 2.4.

Make use of the below line for the apache variation lower than 2.4.

8. Switch Off Web Server Side Consists Of and also CGI Implementation: This is recommended to disable SSI and also CGI when it’s not called for. you can include the adhering to lines in the / etc/apache2/apache2. conf file and also reload the solution.

For a particular directory site, make use of the below command. Mean / var/www/html/ directory Include the listed below code.

9. Secure from Clickjacking Strike:

This is likewise called UI redress attack. It suggests requiring a customer to click which the assailant desires him to click to execute the desired harmful task. To secure, such an attack we require to add the listed below header in the/ etc/apache2/conf-enabled/ security.conf data and save the data.

That’s it. safe as well as setting apache apache2

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