Installing our new full stack project “courseplanner”.

Install steps for a new angular-fullstack application (v. 3.0):

1: Go to the folder where you want you new project
2: mkdir [new folder name] (eks. schoolsample2)
3: cd schoolsample2 (Go to folder)
4: run command “yo angular-fullstack [app-name]” (app-name could be schoolsample)
5: Answer the questions like this:
– babel
– uiRouter
– Y (bootstrap)
– Y (UI Bootstrap)
– Mongoose
– Y (Boilerplate authentication)
– No selection (oAuth)
– Y (
– Grunt
– JASMINE!!!!! (Do NOT select Mocha + Chai + Sinon)

6: Calibrate your new Angular-fullstack (dancing and singing while you wait for npm install and bower install runs)

Full course can be found here:…