Google Assistant Development with Java & Spring & Dialogflow, Google Assistant Java App Development & Actions On Google Java SDK & Dialogflow & Spring Boot & MySQL & NGROK
Welcome to my course on building your first Google Assistant Application using Java and Spring Boot framework.
I am happy to present you the step by step process of building the application that will be integrated with your own Google Assistant device.
But first, what is a Google Assistant?
is Google’s voice assistant
offers voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control, letting you complete a number of tasks after you’ve said the OK Google or Hey, Google wake words
a personal assistant that it’s used globally
Why you should create a Google Assistant application?
you can customize your interaction with your Google personal Assistant in the way you want
learn how Google Assistant actually works
impress your friends by showing what your Google Assistant device is capable of doing
What will we build under this course?
will build a simple Book Management Collection Application that will provide us the flexibility to interact with the Google Assistant
we use the most popular Java based framework on the market (Spring Boot) in order to build our application
how do we store data you might ask? For this we will use MySQL Database
create our Google Assistant actions under Dialogflow and communicate with our Java back-end service using a bonus tool that I will present called NGROK
setup the infrastructure of building your own Actions On Google project requirements
Do you need a real Google Assistant device to take this course?
You don’t need a real device
I will show you different ways to test the application under simulators
Will show you how this application runs on a real Google Assistant device
Do you need to know Java or Spring Boot framework to build this app?
Not really. I will explain the entire process of building the application from scratch/you will learn on the go. But indeed, if you know Java and/or Spring Boot it will help you on your way.
I am happy to help and respond to any questions you might have on your course journey.
Now…let’s build together this app for Google Assistant.
Build your first Spring Boot Java Application & Spring Security & Spring Data JPA & Java & H2 & MySQL & Docker
Basic introduction to Java Collections Framework & Java interview preparation

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