Imagine you could navigate through your data graphically directly in the web browser. Imagine you could easily equip your web application with visualisations of complex relationships. Imagine a graphical modeling tool in the web.

In this talk we are going to present sprotty, a new open-source framework to create graphical views for web applications. sprotty combines modern visuals with smooth animations and a pleasant user-experience. Thanks to its lean JSON-based client/server protocol, sprotty is a perfect fit for the graphical part in products that leverage the Language Server Protocol, like Eclipse Che or the new Theia project.

sprotty implements a uni-directional event flow and uses a virtual DOM. As opposed to the traditional model-view-controler approach, this avoids the typical event feedback loops and yields much better testability.

Apart from that, sprotty is very flexible: Execute it in a web page, a Node.js application or even in the Eclipse browser. Leverage the Eclipse Layout Kernel (ELK) to arrange your graphs in a nice way. Customize every single aspect of your application by means of dependency injection. Visualize any kind of model, including EMF and Xtext.

Jan Koehnlein (TypeFox)
Miro Spönemann (TypeFox)