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Web development is a popular and practical skill to have. But as a beginner, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this two-part, hands-on course taught by Bre’Ana Deen and featuring several other experts, gain a solid understanding of basic web technologies and get ready to build a full-stack web app of your own—from start to finish—using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In part 1, begin with an overview of design thinking for technology and web development basics. Get set up with the tools you need to start building for the web. Learn from industry professionals about the everyday work of a software product manager, define user requirements for your product, start designing interfaces for your app, and much more. Create the foundation for what you’ll learn in Build Your First Web App – Part 2.

In part 2, add to the foundation from Build Your First Web App – Part 1. Get a practical walk-through of the process, as you find out how to build webpages using HTML, style webpages using CSS, and handle browser behavior using JavaScript. Plus, build a web back end using Node.js, store app data using a SQL database, and deploy your app using Azure.

NOTE: Want a deeper dive into these topics? Check out the related courses on edX, and get more in-depth instruction, hands-on labs, and assessments: Designing a Technical Solution, Building Interactive Prototypes Using JavaScript, and Building Functional Prototypes Using Node.js.

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