UPDATED 2020 – Learn Full-Stack development through my flagship Udemy Course using .NET Core 3 + Vue.js + PostgreSQL

In this video series, I’ll be building a library management system from scratch using the ASP .NET Core framework with MVC.

Topics covered throughout this series include the Model View Controller design pattern, Code First database migrations, DbContext, dependency injection, implementing services, the ASP.NET Razor Engine, and Visual Studio tips.

In the first video, we’ll create the ASP.NET web project, configure it to work with a SQL database, determine the structure of our data, and run several database migrations to build a schema. In the next video, we’ll cover the model-view-controller pattern in greater detail, and begin building our web components.

Code will be provided on GitHub once the video series is complete!

Install List:
Visual Studio Community 2017:

(Be sure to install .NET Core with web development tools and database tools.)

SQL Server 2016 Express Edition:

(Confirm that sqllocaldb is installed and available from the command line.)

SQL Server Management Studio:

Useful for running SQL queries against the database that entity framework will be building from our entity models.