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Build a real-world web app by creating your own SEO-friendly blog with Angular Universal, Node.js, Sequelize & MariaDB.

The latest Angular version I tested the course application with is 8.2.7. This means, you don’t have to use the version mentioned in the upcoming lecture. Instead you can use Angular version 8.2.7 for every lecture.

Table of contents:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:51 Welcome
00:06:14 Visual Studio Code Extensions
00:11:35 The Basic Blog Introduction
00:12:23 Version Check & Creating the new Angular Application
00:17:18 Adding Basic Components of the Blog
00:22:48 Adding the First Routes
00:28:23 Styling the Blog
00:37:31 Adding Articles to the Blog
00:45:48 Displaying and Styling the Article List
00:55:23 Adding the Article Service
01:00:56 ArticleComponent & New Route
01:07:23 Get a Single Article from the ArticleService
01:13:06 404 – Page Not Found
01:18:43 Display Single Article
01:22:35 Styling Single Article
01:29:21 The Basic Blog Summary
01:29:48 Meta & Open Graph Tags Introduction
01:30:25 Setting the Title
01:41:30 Facebook Debugger Tool
01:46:24 Adding Meta Tags
01:55:23 Meta & Open Graph Tags Summary
01:55:50 Angular Universal Introduction
01:57:08 Add Server-Side Rendering
02:01:36 Angular Universal in Action
02:06:42 Performance Comparison
02:10:54 Angular Universal Summary
02:11:32 Back End with Node.js Introduction
02:11:59 Creating the Web Service
02:16:57 First API Call
02:21:01 Install nodemon
02:23:30 GET All Articles
02:31:04 GET Single Articles
02:34:59 Extending the Article Service on the Client
02:42:02 Implementing CORS
02:48:39 Back End with Node.js Summary