Anomaly Discovery in Web Server Logsenables companies to glean concealed understandings right into their websites that would otherwise need up to ten times the effort and significant expenses, with this one-click deployable option for Abnormality Detection in web server logs. Offered on the Microsoft Azure cloud, this solution persists on the Azure Blob Storage, leverages Azure Data manufacturing facility for orchestrating the entire end-to-end data handling pipeline, and obtains the data ready at the end of the pipeline, utilizing engaging PowerBI dashboards.The base remedy, which is deployable on the Microsoft Azure cloud in less than 10 minutes, is available to the open resource community. Any modifications will certainly incur service charges, as well as Microsoft Azure charges are billed individually. And also naturally, further functionality contributed to the Open Source Option by ThirdEye are available to the consumer at no additional charge.Deploy the Abnormality Detection Service on Web Server Logs Today!

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