Finding the right firewall product is crucial for companies. Whether you own a startup or managing security for a mid-size business, vendor selection can get complex.

After all, the firewall market is relatively new and technology differences are drastic, to say the least. According to the Frost & Sullivan report, WAF market is poised for insane growth. That is why you will see new players entering the market every year. Unfortunately, most of them do not have the technology to stop advanced attacks. More than a dozen new players in the market are in it for the money while a lot of the established players are also lagging on the technology front.

Recently, I was with at a startup business conference and
got to understand the apprehensions behind choosing the vendor. As promised,
here is a list of most trusted WAF vendors to help you get started.

1. Imperva WAF

Technology-wise, there is probably no vendor one better than Imperva. The company has invested millions in the research and development of its tools. They have acquired companies like Incapsula to ensure that they have hands on the latest technology to detect and mitigate security risks.

waf imperva

– Cloud and on-prem app security

– Deployable on AWS and Azure

– OWASP Top 10 Protection

-Automated Top 20 Protection

-SIEM Integration

Our recommendation: Perfect for mid-sized to large companies

2. Cloudflare

Although Cloudflare was initially a CDN vendor, they have come a long way in developing other products. From Load Balancing to DDoS Protection, you will get everything to speed up and protect the website against common attacks.

As a WAF vendor, Cloudflare offers protection against OWASP
10 and automated attacks. Since the company is obsessed with performance, you
will never experience lag with their web application firewall.

– Automatic WAF Updates

– Collection Security Intelligence of 13 million domains

– Custom WAF Rules

– PCI Compliance

-Zero-day Vulnerability Protection

Our recommendation: Apt for companies of all sizes, perfect
for ecom sites due to speed advantage

3. Sucuri

Sucuri has been brilliant in web security services for over the last five years. They are developing great products and have completely owned the WordPress security with scanners and firewalls. With easy WP plugins, I believe it is one of the most simple and elegant tools for smaller businesses that cannot afford a team of developers and security analysts to configure the firewall.

– Instantly Block Hackers

– DDoS Mitigation and Prevention

– Virtual Patching and Hardening

– Protect Brand Reputation

– Prevent Zero-Day Exploits

Our recommendation: Pro-WordPress, apt for smaller companies

4. Qualys

Prior to its WAF launch in 2014, Qualys was primarily a vulnerability management solutions company. Over the last five years, their team has worked hard at making it one of the best tools in the industry but unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to test this WAF.

As a WAF vendor, Qualys isn’t even in top 10 in terms of
market share but my readers have repeatedly asked for its inclusion giving out
the following benefits.

– Cloud agility

– Visibility through the platform

– Scanner integration

– PCI compliance

– Detailed reporting

Our recommendation: NA

5. F5 Network

Sitting amongst the top of the market share table, F5 is one of the most experienced vendors for web application firewall. Right from bot protection to OWASP defense, they have everything you need to stop hackers. F5 has been repeatedly mentioned in Gartner and Forrester reports, which lends massive credibility to their technology.

However, it is also one of the most expensive tools in the

– Cloud Compatible

– Automated Attack Protection

-OWASP Defense

– API Protocol Security

– DDoS Security

Our recommendation: Larger organizations looking for
protection against the most advanced attacks and with high security budgets

Other Two- Inviting 2 Entries

The web application firewall is a fragmented market. We’re
inviting vendors who would like us to test their tools to help our readers find
the best options. On the other hand, if you are a reader and want to share
suggestions on a web application firewall that you have tried, we will love to
hear all about it in the comments section. Meanwhile, I’m putting a list of
major players as selected in the Modor Intelligence report.

Waiting for your suggestions.

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